FAQ & Why Notes

Notes Can Help Solve A Multitude
Of Problems!

If You need to close a Real Estate Deal

You need to close a Business Deal

You need immediate cash for whatever reason

You need to offer seller financing to entice a buyer

When you know you can sell your notes anytime to us it can help you make better decisions! 

When you offer seller financing it gravitates potential buyers to your deal. Almost everyone loves seller financing and when you have us as an exit strategy, it creates options for you.

Seller financing can help to speed up the process of closing a deal. You may find a buyer who would be a great fit for you but is short on funding. The solution might be to offer him seller financing then sell the note to us. Otherwise, just wait for the buyer with all of the financing, which could take forever! 

This also works great if you need cash to do a deal. Sell your note to obtain the cash you need to do the next deal.

By the way, we can buy a certain amount of payments on the note if you wish. This is called a Partial. 

So contact us RIGHT AWAY, and lets discuss your needs!

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Bakery Owner
Trying on a Necklace
Store Owner
Dry Lavender
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How Much Can I Get For My Note?

Each Note Is Tailor Made!


Pricing is determined by 5 criteria:

1. Current value of the property 

2. Equity in the property
3. Payer’s credit
4. Seasoning

5. Terms of the note (interest rate, payments, etc)

Pricing varies but it’s not much different than if you had just sold your house for cash instead of carrying the note. I’m guessing that if you are like most people, you would have accepted less for your home if someone would have made and all-cash offer that did not require you to carry the note. 

There is no set price. It really just depends on your note because every note is different. They all have different payers, interest rates, and values.

My job is to get some basic information about your note and then provide you with the best price based on its fair-market value. Remember, there is no obligation to sell your note.”

Although there is no set price since every note is slightly different and my buyers have different buying criteria. The good news is that Iwill provide several options for you to decide which is best and most acceptable to you, if any.”