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We have been the Real Estate and Loan business since 1977.

We have placed many people into houses though the years and have structured deals for people many many times!

We started in the note business in 1986. We have many Note Buyers in our database to access. We will Get you the BEST Quote Possible!

We also Buy Houses Nationwide!



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Note Quote

Selling your Note we realize that you are looking for the best deal possible. We have a HUGE Network of Note Buyers who are ready to do business with you!
Our Note buyers will put their best foot forward to give your best quote they can. 
Please go to the contact page and send us your information. We will then email you the forms to fill out to get back to us so we can get you your quote.

We Buy Houses

We buy houses Nationwide!

We don't list houses...We Buy Them!!

If you need to sell your property because of distress for you just want out...then contact us Immediately!

Funding Needed

If you have a need to fund a business or Real Estate Deal then let us help you!

We have many lenders, private lenders, institutional lenders who can fund your project.

Please fill out the form below and let us know what you need. We will contact you to discuss the deal and put a plan together to get you what you need.

We are here to help you!


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